Where can I see the new Varianta?
The new Varianta 44 is now available for viewing and test sailing in Altefähr. Here the world's first fully authorized Point of Sail has a Varianta 44 ready to sail exclusively for you. And of course the Varianta VA44 can also be seen at upcoming BoatShows.

Is the Varianta ready to sail?

Bring a couple of fenders and you can sail away.

Where can I buy the new Varianta?
You can buy the Varianta here on the Internet. Alternatively the Varianta is available from any Point of Sail.

How to finance my Varianta?
Our partner Finanzberatung Rüttger offers custom made finance or leasing for your new Varianta 44. For further information see:

Wer bringt mir meine neue Varianta 44 in meinen Heimathafen?
Der Transport erfolgt per LKW durch unseren Kooperationsparter Glogau Yachttransporte (Alle Preise verstehen sich netto. Transport per spez. Bootstieflader - inkl. Sondergenehmigungen für Übermaße, Transportbegleitung / Polizei wo benötigt, Autobahngebühr, Fährkosten, CMR Transportversicherung, exkl. Kranen) zu folgenden Häfen/Preisen:

PoS Neustadt/D: 1.700,00 EUR
PoS Workum/NL: 2.600,00 EUR
PoS Stockholm/SE: 4.100,00 EUR
PoS Vettre/NO: 4.100,00 EUR
PoS MYSC Canet/F: 5.700,00 EUR

PoS Saint Philibert/F: 5.700 EUR
PoS Southampton/Hamble/GB: 6.250,00 EUR

Where can I get fully comprehensive and liability insurance for my Varianta?
You can insure your Varianta here in the Varianta shop or from your Varianta point. There is an all risks cover for the boat and liability insurance including skipper insurance for the owner.

What is a Point of Sail?
This is usually a sailing school on water. There you can view the Varianta, receive specialized advice and make a test sailing. Naturally a POS sells the Varianta at the same price as it costs online. A POS will also teach you to sail if you are still unsure of helm and sheet! You can find a POS somewhere nearby.

How can I meet other Varianta sailors?
The meeting point for all Varianta fans is our community. You will find this an invaluable source of information. Videos, tips, tricks, photos, stories. You can even arrange to take part in the Varianta BBQ weekend, the Varianta smooch-party or the Varianta America's Cup Event.

Where can I test sail the Varianta?
It is possible to test sail the Varianta at any Varianta Point. Test sailing dates can be arranged at any Varianta Point.

Can I race my Varianta?
Yes! The judel/vrolijk & co design gives the Varianta very good sailing characteristics.

How can I anchor the Varianta 44?
Simply lead an anchor and lead line through the divided pulpit into the water, run the lead line over a snatch block back to a winch.