Varianta 18 at boot Düsseldorf

Varianta 18 at boot Düsseldorf

The time is right for a new Varianta. Thanks to smart ideas, modern materials and technical possibilities the Varianta 18 will be as Willi Dehler would have loved to build her: Good value but high quality, easy care yet state-of-the-art, robust and light at the same time, comfortable and fast. She is not only what sailors need, she is what they want. Suitable for everyone – Birkenstock wearing woolly sweater lovers and high-tech fiber clad yuppies. They said that it did not exist, the sailing jack of all trades. It exists – the new Varianta. 

We will show the Varianta 18 at boot Düsseldorf.

Date: 21.01.2012 - 29.01.2012 

Varianta is affordable – 10.487,36ᅠEuro incl. VATᅠ– not only for freedom but also for individuality and dreams.ᅠ

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